We are so excited to announce our 2020 Expo with a new venue

Welcome to QLD

QCDA Cake Expo 24-26 July 2020 


Venue Upper Coomera Community Centre

Upper Coomera

Gold Coast


What makes our Qld Cake Expo unique is that we have 21 community groups,

based everywhere over Queensland.

We meet monthly or every other month to learn, connect and belong to our cake decorating community.

This is our yearly show where we catch up, enter competitions and learn from some of the best through workshops and demonstrations. Join us for Saturdays dinner awards night, details to be confirmed soon.

Would you like to join our cake community?


Click here to find where we meet.

Channel 10 News Description.

August 2019 Expo


AMAZING CAKES: The sweet smell of success is lingering in Logan with dozens of incredible award-winning cakes under one roof and you can see them this weekend. The designs range from the wild to the weird and wonderful, from young artists to some amazing creators.

Maria Huff QCDA Cake Expo
qld qcda cake expo
qld qcda cake expo
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Qld Cake Expo
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Well thats a wrap! Thank you to all of our competitors, attendees supporters, expo visitors, workshop attendees. Thank you to all our new members that joined and to the hard-working team expo committee members and volunteers for each day, that worked behind the scenes for almost 6 months. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, thank you.

Qld cake expo coffee cart at our show
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Qld cake expo cake stall at our show

Every year the QCDA has a cake competition where Novices and Children right through to Masters compete. This also provides a wonderful display for the public and showcases what can be achieved in cake and sugar.