Our Judges from 2018 expo

Lee Thomas, Helen Dissell, Greg Cleary, Marie Sidhom,  Sue Lapworth, Pam Archibald, Rhonda Morris, Sue Loughlin,

Susanne McGregor and Kerrie Walsh

About the judges and stewards.

QCDA has a compliment of 8 qualified QCDA judges and one shadow trainee judge for the current year 2019.

Helen directs the Qcda team of both international judges, National judges and state judges with Kerrie as 2IC, Sue M, Greg, Marie, Carol, Sue OL, Rhonda, Pam and Patricia trainee judge.

Head judge ensures that competition entries also comply with food safety standards and judging guidelines set out by the Australian National cake decorating association and keeps the team up to date with current product usage and safety.
All qualified judges have completed the required theory and practical work in order to be in the position to judge competition pieces.

Chief steward Sue L has 9
Stewards under her namely Leta,2IC, Dawn, Ann Maree, Christina, Judy, Kerrie and Rhonda (Qcda Qualified) and Joanne and Yvonne still in training.
The chief steward's job is not one to be taken lightly and one of utmost importance in making sure that everything pertaining to competition show entries, marks, certificates through to judging matters run smoothly and schedules have correct format ( this year being the exception) as the scheduling subcommittee wrote and handled the schedule.

Please feel free to approach the chief steward or judging director
At any time should any queries or discrepancies arise and they will ensure competitors needs and queries are addressed as soon as possible.

We are more than happy to help.

This year we will have a judges table for enquiries and support that you might need and for any questions about competing.