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Tracy ByattTracy Byatt Qld cake expo

My first encounter with sugar was five years ago, so to be invited to demonstrate at The Queensland Cake Expo alongside such accomplished and renowned artists is a tremendous honour and a privilege.

I went along to evening classes with my only intention being to make a character birthday cake for my son but was spellbound watching a ball of paste fashioned into a beautiful flower and from that moment on I knew that, for me, making sugar flowers was both inevitable and irresistible.

Initially, I was most interested in trying to recreate the perfection of newly formed buds, unfurling petals and fresh young leaves but slowly began to incorporate the extraordinary beauty of the plant’s whole lifecycle. To me, the wilting rose is as enchanting as the newly opened flower and a desiccated seedpod as magical as a plump new bud. It is certainly true that there is perfection to be found within imperfection when one takes the time to truly observe.

Botanical watercolour is a lifelong passion, so trying to create what is essentially a three dimensional painting with sugar as my canvas is tremendously exciting to me. Royal icing and Lambeth piping techniques are another avenue I find totally absorbing.

The advice, encouragement and endless inspiration given so freely by the wonderful friends I have made along the way, is what I treasure most of all and I very much hope that I can share this in some small way.

My other interests include clay target shooting, hunting, fly fishing, horse riding and cricket as well as tending my ever expanding garden, where I love to grow the flowers I strive to re-create.

Between a busy farm, an active young family and my work as a freelance medical proof reader, sugar art is very much my calm in an otherwise hectic life.

Her humble and honest words do not convey the stunning accuracy and reality of her works of nature in sugar. They truly have to be seen to be believed. It is obvious that her love of being part of nature provides inspiration for her work. To learn from this artist will be transformational.

You will be amazed at the detail and life like features of Tracy’s sugar work, you will be saying I can’t believe it’s not real!

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